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Asante Chowdhurry that's who. Yeah so I posted some art today. Wow. Two at a time to top it off. I thought I made my swan song last October. Art held nothing for me passion, too much stress. But then a special friend's birthday came up in July and I suddenly felt a wave of inspiration. I realised how much I missed painting. I really should finish the old birthday gifts I promised but... I don't think I'm going to make a full comeback just's been difficult getting back into the swing of drawing after literally putting it down since October 2015. I mean I've literally not picked up a pencil since then. This past July was my first real ''Hello'' back into the world of art. I'm surprised I even remember how to draw. I'm still really not pleased with my style...I haven't found what works yet, so I'll be practicing. I doubt I'll be posting art though as frequently as I used to. Maybe a piece a month, maybe less than that. Sorry for disabling comments. I only log onto dA a few times a month instead of every day so I don't usually see comments or just don't have time to reply right away. Feel free to shoot me a note though if you like, or an e-mail, and I can get back to you. Thank you to those who have already. 

*Dracula voice* I want to suck your blood!

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August 7, 2016
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