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~ ~ ~

Randall was scared. Not just for himself, but also for Sulley. It was difficult for him to get his mind off of the situation with him, even despite he was supposed to be working on the machine at the moment.

He glanced over at Fungus, who seemed to be in a state of relative bliss.

"How the hell are you content about this work?" he snapped.

Fungus was finally stammering and trembling upon hearing his coworkers' temper.

"Randall, Waternoose promised that you'd-"

"Waternoose wants me dead!" Randall yelled. He thanked himself that they were in an isolated part of the factory without their CEO around.

"Alright, sir, you're really too stressed about this-"

"And you think that isn't what he wants!? Look, I've even got death threats signed in his own name, if you're interested!"

Fungus began to retort again, but he hesitated. Randall figured it out immediately: Fungus couldn't think of counterarguments, anymore.

"Well, it's not like you can back out of it, now, sir."

Randall, while still enraged, lowered his eyes and bit his lip: that much was true.

~ ~ ~

Randall didn't return home that night. It was sort of a mixed blessing, considering the fact that Mike was now parking himself at home. And Sulley couldn't bear the thought of Mike finding them out. Sulley tried to call Randall that night, but again, he didn't answer. Giving up, Sulley went to bed, expecting to see Randall the next day at work. But again, he was nowhere in sight. He decided against asking Fungus again, and didn't even bother attempting making an appointment with Waternoose, for Randall's sake. He tried to have Celia page him at the front desk, but again, no luck.

Two weeks passed without a word from Randall. Sulley tried to hide his disappointment, but as the days wore on, his depression was showing through. And this time, Mike noticed.

One day, Mike asked Sulley if he would want to go out with him and Celia to cheer him up. Surprisingly, Sulley found himself accepting the invitation.

Just as they had planned, the three friends went to town that afternoon. They spent some time, running around, taking a look at the shops before going to the pub for a few drinks. All of them were halfway through their drink, when Mike suddenly exclaimed: "Oh look, there's Randall."

Sulley nearly choked on his beer.

All three heads immediately shot into the direction Mike was pointing at. And indeed, there he was, making his way down the street in hurried steps, his arms full of cardboard boxes covered with construction sheets.

"That guy is so weird", Mike said, shaking his head and taking another sip from his beer. "I wonder what he's up to."

"He's not that bad, you know", Sulley said, defending the reptile. He didn't like it when his friends talked bad of him. And if he really wanted to become friends with Randall in public, he had to find a way to make Mike stop hating him. As soon as those words had left his mouth, Mike and Celia stared at him in disbelief.

"What? How would you know?" Celia finally asked.

"I used to talk to him.''


''During breaks. He's not all that bad actually. And you should really stop making fun of people. That really hurts him, you know?" Sulley said, suddenly feeling a little awkward, being all in the centre of attention now. He also felt the usual heat in his cheeks, telling him that he was blushing again.

"You talked to him? Sulley, are you alright?" Mike asked in disbelief. ''Did you hit your head or something?''

Sulley sighed. He shouldn't have said anything about it. In some things, his friends really didn't understand him. Why was it so hard for them to believe that Randall was just an ordinary guy and that he had feelings too?

"I still don't see why you even talked to him,'' Mike continued. ''He obviously doesn't want anything to do with us. And to be honest that's quite reciprocal." And with that, the topic was closed. Sulley shook his head and emptied his beer glass. Fine, then he wasn't going to talk to them about it anymore.

~ ~ ~

Randall's stress and other negative emotions were only getting worse, no thanks to not being able to see Sulley, let alone tell him anything. He knew his breaking point would end up coming any day, now.

Then, one fateful night of needing to work on the machine, he noticed a CDA truck parked in front of the building. Curious as to why it was there, he entered the building hoping to get information. As soon as he opened the doors, he noticed some CDA agents examining the lobby area.

'Great,' Randall thought to himself, 'Now there's a chance they know and will get me arrested!'

'Unless,' Randall thought to himself. Reluctantly, he walked up to a CDA agent.

"What's going on?"

"We've been hearing cases about children disappearing from their doors for good, in addition to rumors about illegal plans to bring them into the Monster World. Why? Do you know anything about this?"

Randall hesitated, thinking long and hard about these long and dangerous roads to take. Finally, he made his decision.

"Yes," he answered.

~ ~ ~

''Why is the CDA here?'' Mike asked Sulley as they approached the factory that morning.

''Beats me,'' Sulley said, disinterested. He could care less about everything that was going on around him. All that was riding on his thoughts was his dear Randall Boggs, gone forever, no doubt, into the realm of oblivion.

But as Sulley and Mike entered the lobby… lo and behold… there he was-!

Sulley's heart stopped.

Randall seemed to be speaking to one of the CDA members. 'Oh, shit.' He thought. 'This can't be good.'

~ ~ ~

''Listen, fellas,'' Randall began. The CDA agents began to gather around this strange monster. One of them nodded for him to continue. Randall tried to remain calm as he leaned back slightly, bending his flexible spine at a comfortable angle, and crossed his four arms over his lean chest. ''I've got information that will help you out …'' he licked his lips. ''A LOT.'' He finished, putting lots of emphasis on those last two words. The CDA were hooked now. It was all going according to plan. Randall tried not to show his fear, though, knowing that this decision could either help or destroy him in the end. But he was willing to take the risk. Either way, he would be free.

''So what do you have that we want?'' one of them asked.

Randall stepped back, then stepped forward again, an intentional gesture to toy with their interest. He could tell they were getting impatient. ''Well…'' he swung his elegant hips back and forth, tail swaying as he did so. ''The thing is, you guys are looking all over the place for this supposed criminal when he could be, in fact, right under your very noses…'' Randall could see their veins boiling under their thick yellow suits. He bit his tongue a bit, reminding himself he had to be careful about what to say. ''You know, the man you want is right-'' but he was cut off shortly by a long, drawn-out shout.

~ ~ ~

''NOOOOOOOOO!!!'' Sulley had heard everything. He knew what Randall was planning up his sleeve, but he couldn't let him do it. Ignoring Mike's restraints, and Randall's angry look as he came crashing towards him, Sulley stopped inches away before the CDA, who were now deeply puzzled. ''No, don't listen to him!'' Sulley said. ''He's mad, insane even!'' Sulley tried to yank Randall away with him, but Randall beat him back.

''Sullivan, what the fuck are you doing?''

But Sulley didn't listen as he dragged Randall way from the lobby and down the stairs towards Floor D- - the basement.  

~ ~ ~

Sulley had been holding Randall firmly in his grip, but as they got down to Floor D, Randall released himself and slammed Sulley against the wall.


''I was only trying to protect you…'' Sulley said as he gasped for air, leaning on the wall for support.

''Protect me from what!!??''

''From yourself, Randall.''

Randall stopped, all piss and vinegar, but he was still boiling. ''You're so fucking stupid, Sullivan!''

''I know.''

''I was going to be free!''

''Where?'' Sulley snapped back. ''In prison?''

But Randall was beyond reason. ''Look, Randall, you told me long ago that one should channel their energy into their hearts… so it wouldn't destroy you.'' Randall laughed. Sulley looked up, puzzled. ''What's so funny about that? What happened to the Randall I knew?''

''He's gone, Sullivan. He's gone!''

''No he's not gone!'' Sulley crossed over to him. ''Please, Randall… look into your heart. I know you're still there. Look into your heart.''

''This place has eaten me alive. The Noose has killed me. I already died once.''

''Channel your energy-''

''Shut the fuck up, Sulley! That's a bunch of bullshit!''

''Then you're no better than Mike!''

''You're right. I'm not.''

Randall tried to leave, but Sulley blocked his way. ''You're wrong, Randall. You're better than Mike. You're better than all the rest of them. And you know it.''

''Move.'' Randall said coldly.

''Not till you do something for me first.''


Sulley placed his two giant paws over the place where Randall's heart would be. ''Look into your heart.'' Randall only stared blankly. His eyes, once so magnetic, were now empty. ''Look into your heart,'' Sulley repeated.

''What heart?'' Randall spat, and with that, he was gone.

End of Part Five.
One more part after this! YAY!!! ;P
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